“Outstanding Performance”

Published on February 25th, 2012

From The Cross Keys Website


Silverthorn gave an outstanding performance this evening in front of the Cross Keys congregation playing a selection of soft rock & stadium rock featuring all the classics from both sides of the genre, This evening was by far the best & most complete performance i have had the pleasure of seeing Silverthorn perform at the Cross Keys. Through both sets the songs were on the money & all four musicians were nice & tight in all respects of there performance, Ruth is one of those vocalist’s who has there own unique voice which gives most of the songs a hint of variation & definitely leaves it’s mark . All the band were on top of there game this evening & have proved they can put bums on the seats with an above average crowd for a Friday recently. Excellent night from Silverthorn well supported & there cover of Wings Live & Let Die would run Top Gun a close second on to-night’s performance.


Cheers Mav, can’t wait to be back next year!.


  1. Posted by Robb on February 27th, 2012, 00:53 [Reply]

    What a great night! Really looking forward to the gigs we’ve got coming up!


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