Published on February 14th, 2012

“Hewn from the one true rock Forged in the blackest of flame – Unleashed from the deepest dark And Silverthorn is their name!”

It was a morning just like any other when the Dark Lord Ventloshirr called in on Norl the Blacksmith with a very important and top-secret task.  “Norl, news of your blacksmithing wizardry has reached me of late in my Vasty Grim Halls and I’m here to offer you promotion.”

These words were spoken as the Dark Lord’s personal guards hovered either side of Norl.  This rendered his question pointless but he felt honour-bound to ask anyway. “I quite like it here, is there any point in me trying to refuse?”  The guards unsheathed their weapons, menacingly.  “I didn’t think so, what’s the job?”  After months of toil Norl presented the Dark Lord with a Weapon of Vile Destruction.

“My Lord, it is finished!  This dull, soulless monstrosity, will conquer the world in your name, subdue the masses and suck the joy and life out of all it comes into contact with.  I present, THESIMONCOWELL!”  Norl was executed to ensure that the secrets of this weapon of pure evil would never be revealed.  The Dark Lord relaxed for the first time in decades, secure in the knowledge that his new toy would wreak destruction throughout the land.

Little did he know that, Norl the Blacksmith had drawn up his plans against him…

Over the coming months, there emerged a band of adventurers, no-one could say from whence they came, but they blazed a trail across the land – fighting the force of the Dark Lord wherever they encountered it and putting to shame the works of THESIMONCOWELL.  In their wake they left joyful chaos, beautiful memories and mountains of empty bottles.

They marched under the banner of a single thorn, emblazoned on a black background:

The Silverthorn!.