Ruth Sutherland
Lead Vocal, Lead Bass Guitar

I grew up in a musical family and always loved to sing. At school one day when I was about 10 they handed me a Spanish acoustic guitar and taught me how to play ‘merrily we roll along’; when I got home my dad said to me “don’t learn the guitar – everyone plays the guitar. Learn the bass and you’ll never be without a gig”. And he was right.

I’ve since sung and played in a number of different bands, both originals and covers, including rock/metal, soul, indie and even big band! I’ve played in pubs, clubs, weddings, festivals and Legoland Denmark!

I play a Warwick Thumb 5 string bass guitar (straight-through neck) made of bubinga.

Music I listen to? Well, classic rock, and in particular ‘hair metal’ is my first love. I love Extreme, Bon Jovi (just the old stuff, nothing past ‘Keep the Faith’, obviously), Def Leppard, Van Halen, Aerosmith, The Darkness, Europe, The Little Angels, Yngwie Malmsteen, Deep Purple and Whitesnake. But I have developed a taste for some newer stuff too – like Alter Bridge, Evanescence and Shinedown.

As a singer, big influences have to be Aretha Franklin, Dio, and Gillan, and as a bassist how can I fail to mention Flea and Jah Wobble?

Best gig… Too many awesome gigs to choose from, so I’ll be girly and say Metallica in 1996, simply on the basis that it was my first date with Robb Sutherland…

Robb Sutherland
Lead Electronic Guitar, Lead Backing Vocal

When I was 8 my dad came home from work with a copy of Appetite for Destruction and I’ve never looked back since. I picked up a guitar and a top hat as a teenager and started playing! OK, maybe not the hat.

I’ve played in a few bands in the last 25 years doing pubs, clubs, weddings and even the big top at a festival. I love playing both covers and original material.

I used to be hooked on blues based rock playing GN’R, Aerosmith, Led Zep and so on. When we started Silverthorn, I started to listen to a bunch of stunt guitarists and start hanging on the whammy bar. Whether playing like Slash or Eddie Van Halen it’s all fun!

For guitars, I play a Custom Shop Goldtop, a 1980 Black Custom Shop Les Paul, an Satch Ibanez and a Slime Green Swirl Jackson. I use the 100 Watt Satch Model Marshall as my main rig. I also use a Heil Talk Box powered by a JCM800 because…. why not?

Bands I like other than GN’R and Aerosmith? AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Dio, Metallica, Def Leppard, The Darkness and just about anything you could listen to whilst riding a Harley across The States.

Best gig… Either Spinal Tap in Wembley, Van Halen in Hollywood Bowl or Aerosmith in Madrid.

Adi Bateman
Lead Drums

I started playing drums in high school. I taught myself air drumming along to a VHS of Rock aid Armenia. I watched and listened until I wore the tape out!

The main influences that come across in my playing are Phil Collins and Jeff Porcaro. I am a total 80’s throwback so I listen to anything from AC/DC to Zappa! I have a wide music spectrum listening to anything that’s groovy whether it is balls out rock or a bit of cheese!!!

I have been playing in bands for over 10 years now, all over West Yorkshire’s pubs and clubs. Biggest gig was Shay stadium which in my 80s head was my “Live aid”!!

My kit is a 1987 Tama Granstar with Sabian AAX cymbals.

Best gig? That’s a hard one…. Def Leppard, Toto or Prince!

Mike Barber
Lead Organs, Lead Backing Vocals

My Dad taught me classical piano from a very early age. Then from the age of 17, whilst studying music at college, I joined my first band & was hooked. It was the early 80’s & for the next 2 decades enjoyed/endured the harsh & unforgiving environment of the North East working men’s club.

I enjoy most music genres, particularly rock & blues.

People who make me want to give it all up & sell my gear include: –

Jon Lord, Jimmy Smith & Alan Clark (ex Dire Straits)

Most enjoyable gigs must include David Bowie 1985, Roker Park, Sunderland, Jools Holland, Harrogate 2007 & the countless time I’ve seen Chris Farlowe (unbelievable voice!)

Sample Montage // Live Recordings
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